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This is my first year as a Psychology student and I really want to make the best of it. Honestly, studying does not come easy to me. I really admire people who can sit on a desk and read for hours and hours or people who wake up early so they can study more. I try to do that but I usually fail. And every year I say that I am going to change that but I never do, but so far this year, I have been doing very small changes on my day so that I can become a better student and a happier person, because good grades make me happy.
Today, I am going to share with you the things that have been working for me in this past two months.

On Tumblr there is a community called Studyblr. There, you will find a lot of blogs dedicated to academic achievement and they are a great source of inspiration. Also, you can find people willing to give you advice if you need it.  Try looking at some of these blogs before you start studying, it will motivate you and you will start with more energy.


Imagine yourself on the day of the exam, imagine that you are doing the exam and imagine how would you feel if you could not answer any question on that exam. Imagine this is not going to happen to you if you study. This is what I do because I hate the feeling of not knowing the answer, so if I study I will probably know the answer to most of the questions. I am pretty sure that this does not work for everybody but there is nothing wrong with trying.


You should not just clean your desk but also the entire room where you are studying. When you have a lot of things around you is very hard to concentrate on what you are reading. Having a clean space will help you concentrate on what you have to study. 


Colors make your notes fun and when you think that your notes are fun it is easier for you to remember them. Write with colors not just what is important but forget a little about the black pen or about the pencil and use another color instead. 

While you study, you might think about all the other fun things you could be doing but think about all the good things that studying is going to bring to you. It is not just about the grades, it is about learning so one day you will be a great professional and have the job you dream about.  To get that you have to sacrifice some fun things you could be doing. So be strong and as much as you can.

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